Sargon of Akkads petition mot ”Social Justice Courses” har över 50.000 signaturer

Hallå allihopa. Den stora nyheten är att Sargon of Akkads petition nu har samlat ihop över 45.000 signaturer. Hans populära serie ”This week in stupid” är den här gången en ”Social Justice is a Cult Edition!” Helt tillägnad försöken att få den breda allmänheten att få upp ögonen för den farliga hatiska och falska smörja som presenteras som undervisning på högskolenivå. Om ni undrar vad jag menar så se dennna video, det finns flera exempel på vad ”undervisningen” ifråga består av.

När nu Petitionen ”Suspend Social Justice Courses” börjar närma sig 50.000 signaturer så tänkte jag passa på att förmedla några av kommentarerna som de som redan signerat har lämnat som motivering till varför de stödjer Sargon of Akkads Petition. Här kommer några röster från omvärlden. Jag fetlägger huvudargumenten så det går snabbare att förstå varför så många människor håller med Sargon i att detta är ett allvarligt problem som blir värre och värre.

”Social Justice’s only reason to exist is to maintain/create current and future jobs of professors, activists, politicians, police and their unprofessional friends in a dying Old School Media. Social Justice is fascism… rooted in greed, and is just a desperate move to hold on to political power and the ”comfortable multi-generational corruption” created by this power.” – Gregory Alan Elliot, Toronto, Canada

”I’m signing because I enrolled in a sociology class, but found myself in a leftist indoctrination ritual. Instead of instructing us on what sociology is, we were force-fed a basket of racist, sexist, and discriminatory ideas. We were told that whiteness is evil. We were told that men are scum. We were told that Karl Marx was the only ’sociologist’ worth paying attention to. We did not learn about sociology. – Kyle, Sacramento, CA

”I am signing this because I myself was indoctrinated by these beliefs that so heavily mentally and emotionally damage our youth now. After being shown the contradictions and hypocrisy, I have been enlightened and see the falsehoods which are being taught more and more rigorously in college campuses across the country. . Alfredo, Thomasville, NC

”I’m sick of cenzorship.” – Krzsysztof, Poland

”At the current rate, the speech police will be a real thing. And then it won’t be funny.” – Kelsey – Zephyrhills, FL

”What is happening in universities is despicable: people running to safe spaces when they hear different opinions, believing that the world & everyone in it is out to get them, preventing anyone with conflicting ideas from organizing events, the list goes on and on. These university courses are doing nothing but coddling these students into thinking that literally everyone & everything is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, & problematic. – Marc, Petersborough, Canada

”I am sick and tired of seeing my child being targeted by campaigns that inevitably are going to disenfranchise him. As a CIS gendered, white male he is being discriminated against. He is only 4, by the time he is my age he will think he is a racist and a horrible person likely to rape someone.” – Brendan, Australia

”I want a society where people are allowed to make their own decisions about what they believe without fear of being harassed by Social Justice mobs. I am against the indoctrination and scare tactics utilized by those who wish to control others thoughts, speech, and actions.” – Megan, Appalachia, VA

”Social justice is different from actual justice in that it treats people like groups, instead of like individuals. Social justice seeks to hold YOU guilty for the crime committed by someone who may have had your skin tone, genitals, sexual preference etc.” – Jane, No, IN

”University students should be educated on real imperial knowledge and give unbiased well educated professors. Social science is nearer to pseudo science with data from biased and flawed questionairs being passed off as fact and gospel. It’s cult behavior teaching original sin on a completely ignorant and new racist way. Teaching students to be racist to oppose racism is the very sort of backwards logic that has no place in university.” – Danelle, Hollywood, FL

”A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.” ― Frank Zappa – Shane, United Kingdom

”After sparring with the anti-gay Christian right for over a decade, even they did not treat me as poorly as ”social justice” obsessed Millennial leftists do. Now that the religious right has lost power, the ”social justice” left is the primary source of anti-gay discrimination I face today. They’ve simply flipped the narrative, so now when I am judged, I’m judged for being the ”wrong” kind of liberal gay; because I dare to speak for myself rather than let privileged college kids be my personal saviors.” – Ryan, Madison, WI

I didn’t leave Islam and join academia so that I have to fight against yet another ideology that demonizes people for dissent, and punishes them for thought crime. Not again.” AAL – New York, NY

”Reality is not a social construct.” Alan, Romania

”Social Justice has become a neo-fascist cult of personalities, where the demagogues are infallible and accusations are the same as evidence. It’s a blight upon our free world.” – Daniel, Canada

As someone who was born in totalitarian country (Communist Czechoslovakia), I am deeply concerned about individual liberties, for they have been trampled upon in my country for a long time. I observe the state of affairs on US campuses for quite some time already, and I am becoming more and more uneasy about the future of Western society.” – Martin, Czech Republic

”I’ve heard more than one story of a young woman being afraid to report her rape due to being taught about ”rape culture”. It led her to believe that she would not be believed and that reporting the rape would be like being raped all over again.” – Kristel, Dallas, TX

”Martin Luther King Jr. once stated his dream of a world where his children would be judged, ”Not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”. Clearly, we’ve gone from one extreme end to the other, and King is rolling in his grave.” – Henry, Lebanon, OR

”Every non-tech class you are forced to take has an ideological spin on it, and I am sick of it. I just want my tech degree, and I want out, but I have to do all this extra bullshit that I really don’t care about. The worst part of all this is, I can’t bring it up with the college, because I am worried about being expelled. They are forcing me to spend money that I don’t have on courses that I don’t care about and I am sick of it.” Andrew, Brampton, Canada

”My univeristy is becoming a hotbed for overly sensitive, permanently offended individuals who are trying to enforce rules and regulations on how EVERYONE should live in uni. Its making going to university worse for everyone else. Please do something about these courses and this epidemic before the people who go to uni to get an education get sick of it and go elsewhere.” – Rebecca, United Kingdom

I’ll be damned if I get hired because of a diversity quota.” – Bernanda, Australia

”A left-leaning anti-authoritarian chiming in.” Svetozar, Sofia, Bulgaria

”Social justice is merely a term for a specific form of racist, sexist bigotry. Due to this hateful ideology, I’ve had to move my place of living due to harassment I received from flatmates that did not like the fact that I wasn’t part of their cult.” – David, United Kingdom

”Safespaces have no place in Universities. No opinion, no matter how uncomfortable, should be barred from being spoken and openly and seriously discussed. The coddling of our youth has to stop.” – Sascha, Germany

”Because I’m a college student myself and social justice is already damaging the relationships between my peers and starting to warp my own choice of industry I want to be a part of. (Video game industry) Social justice is going to make it that I will not be able to start my own career on the bases of my work but more on my gender. I will not accept this and would like to see a change in our society.” – Tamara, Edmonds, WA

It has turned my family against me, simply because they now see me as a racist just because I am a white male.
It has caused such a huge divide, I am at a loss on what else I can do. I disagreed with her about this, so now I am ”Cis Scum,” And no longer have any meaningful contact with my daughter. Now another of my daughters is about to go through the same system and I literally FEAR for her future and her relationship with her auld Dad.” – Jake, United Kingdom

”It’s a cult of victimhood that poisons the well of honest debate. That hurts freedom of expression. It’s a threat to rationality like the Christian right was. It also disturbs me in how they try to take over (co opt) every facet of culture,and making everything at best mediocre. I don’t want to live in a dystopian hellscape reminiscent of 1984.” Cormac, Ireland

”For most reasons already listed in the info. It’s quite appalling to see how ”Social Justice” has become something so disgusting and radical.” – Ludvig, Umeå, Sweden

”I am from Africa and have seen this reasoning being applied in the real world it has to be stopped.” Jacques, East-London, South Africa

To all of my friends who will see I signed this and think I’m a terrible person, I’m sorry you feel that way, but I feel like this is a problem that should be dealt with. If you disagree that’s fine. Just don’t think I did this out of spite or malice.” – Roslyn, Beaverton, OR

”Stop these crybullies from taking over more campuses throughout the world, they’re completely against free speech and the free and open market of ideas, so much so that they attempt to bully people into silence by threatening their jobs, families, and many other things, and when that fails, they pester twitter or other social media websites in order to get your comments removed and your account banned just because you dared to disagree with them… ” – Michel, United Kingdom

As someone who lives in a third world country, I can only see this whole social justice circus as preposterous. Here’s a bunch of people that haven’t known any real discrmination or poverty indoctrinating the young into hating themselves for things they’re not responsible for or teaching them to feel oppressed.” – Miliardo, Manaqua, Nicaragua

”I never want this to come to Finland, as it is in America or Britain” – Juho, Helsinki, Finland

”I sign, because I remember how it was to live under a rule of collectivist ideology (maxism-leninism). Universities should be places of education and research, not ideology and indoctrination.” – David Praha, Czech Republic

”People bitten by venomous snakes can save their bodies through sacrifice, cutting off a limb. In the spirit of that I believe Social Justice Wankers should be stopped before the poison has spread on a global scale.” – Concerned Eastern European, Venlo Netherlands

”Social Justice is a cult designed to justify hatred of others based on race and gender. Orwell’s nightmare isn’t an instruction manual. Your subjective personal feelings don’t override my right to freedom of speech.” – Dustin, Otterburne, Canada

Pseudoscience should not be taught in universities. Neither should political messages be taught as fact. Social Justice courses fall into both these categories, and moreover teaches a twisted view of society that leads to its adherents committing the very acts they despise in an attempt to ’set things right’. ” – Jonathan, Bergen, Norway

”I find it mind-boggling that we live in a day and age where this petition is needed…sigh… ” – Niman, Örebro, Sweden

”The ideals of social justice are coming to other countries where, while some of their percepts are valid because there’s actual problema, most of them are straight prejudices towards people who has nothing to do with anything their ancestors or ascendants might have done in the past” – Luis, Santiago, Chile

”Because I want a world where collges are places of learning not where you send your kid to learn about how they are oppressing/being oppressed by others in their comunity even though all the evidence points to the contrary” – Kevin, Portugal

”Going to a small liberal arts college has shown me just how crazy SJW’s can be. I took a sociology class first semester and thought it would teach about how societies form, some history maybe, some overal group psychology maybe, but I got ”opression in black ghettos”, ”have people on campus experienced racism?”, and other garbage.” Grayzon, Saint Charles, IL

”This must be stopped. This mentality is spreading world wide and will mean the end to reason and years of development.” – Johann, Durban, South Africa

”Universities should be places where people can freely explore new ideas and get a quality education, not ”safe spaces” where young people are indoctrinated into activist social justice cults at the expense of said education.” – Katherine, Big Flats NY

”Colleges and Universities are meant to be where the young are prepared for the real world, not to be further insulated from it.” – Jan, Antipolo City, Phillipines

”I have switched now to a highly ranking, prestigious university in the hopes of attaining a better education from a better institution. Although the school is larger and there are many more resources available by virtue of funding – the Orwellian state of the ”campus culture” is constricting and stifling. Even mandatory English courses are built on the foundation of post colonialism, the professors own subjective views of modern feminism, as well as other loaded, loosely related and even ridiculous lenses from post structural ”critical theory” (post humanism, post modernism, diaspora, trauma internalization, ect…ect). ” – Travis – Ottawa

I’m signing this because I want a better ( and less stupid) world. – Vasco, Portugal

”Social Justice Courses are like Sunday School Lessons. I believe that no religion should be taught as a part of curriculum because baseless and pseudoscientific beliefs have no place in academia. The same goes for ideology.” – Villus, Panevezyus, Lithuania

”Let Us Unleash Free Speech on Campus!” – Mehrdad, Göteborg, Sweden

”Because I believe in equality of opportunity, free expression of individuality and exchange of ideas. We need to value logic and reason above hurt feelings. We need to treat people without prejudice and bigotry that keeps hiding behind convoluted buzzwords, fabricated statistics and victimization culture.” – Toomas, Tartu, Estonia

”As a university student has taken a social justice class as a require social science credit for my degree I have experienced first hand how these classes work and they are creating their own problems by teaching students this ideology. I believe by removing these courses from universities it will give students opportunity to focus on classes they better everyone instead of trying to show them a world we don’t live in” – Brandon, Canada

”I am signing this petition because the world-wide social justice movement has become one which does not in fact seek the undoing of genuine injustice, but the imposition of its own brand of injustice on certain groups (such as whites) in the name of a form of ”justice” based on faulty and simplistic views of history. It is more dangerous than many people think, and could very well lead to severe problems in future. It is contrary to the notions upon which genuine justice and respect for the rights of others are based, and needs to be stopped.” – Andrew, Johannesburg, South Africa

And the list goes on and on…


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